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Back to Paris (by Maxime Huillo)Back to Paris. The idea to get in touch with my friend Rosa directly came to my mind. We decided to wait for the sun to be back though, to take photos because the weather was…

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Shoot by Rosa Pel-Tat
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It is not sunny but it is not rainy so that’s perfect 👍👌 #empirestate #nyc (at Empire State Building)
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You should follow @idresslondon for incredible street styles from London !!!! It is really inspiring. —> @idresslondon  (at @idresslondon)
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Midnight biking to the Eiffel Tower. What a wonderful night 😃 #paris #eiffeltower  (at Tour Eiffel)
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Erica Lasan, 26, NJ/NY ;
Photo’d by: Victor Shoup
Ethnic Corset Crop-Top: Urban Outfitters
Khaki Safari Skirt:  Vintage snag from my mom’s closet
Suede Espadrilles: Steve Madden
“Belt”: Actually a headband/sash thing I’ve had forever.  I don’t even remember where I got it from 
Jewelry: all part of my handmade jewelry line, QuÉrica Jewelry.  If you like what you see and would like to purchase a piece or check out other pieces from the collection, feel free to visit the site!  
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Hey guys ! Just a few words to tell you that I’ll be back on the blog in approximately two weeks when all my exams will be over. I didn’t forget you 😄 Get ready for a lot of new outfits and to follow my trip to NYC in July. 🇺🇸 I’ll be totally free, to take a lot of photos very often.  (at
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Inspiring socks style 😊 #ootd #lookbook  (at
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Contra (by Marvin Sheckler)
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Only 40 days before I go to NY. I think that it helps me a lot to stay alive during the final exams time 😄🔫  (at
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